Pain Relief in Reading

If you're suffering from sports injuries in Reading or you're looking for pain relief in Reading, I can help. I'm Sue Gassick and I'm an an experienced practitioner of the EMMETT Technique and NST Bowen Therapy based in the Reading area. With these powerful, natural therapies I have helped hundreds of people to overcome pain and discomfort over the years and you too could benefit from my work. Whether you have injured yourself or are suffering from a natural build-up of tenison over time such as in your neck and shoulders, these gentle and non-invasive therapies could help you back to full health.

EMMETT Technique & Bowen Therapy in Reading

Although relatively new in the UK, the EMMETT Technique has built a strong reputation in Australia over the last 20 years of being an effective means of resolving pain and discomfort. NST Bowen Therapy is a tried and tested technique that assists the body in healing itself. It is used across the world by therapists like myself and has been found to be very effective at reducing pain and speeding up the recovery process. If you have a sports injury, combining the EMMETT Technique with NST Bowen Therapy could be the solution to getting you back into action. I welcome clients from everywhere in Berkshire not just from Reading, and my experience and dedication make me a leader in this field.  If you need a helping hand to overcome an injury or some assistance for pain relief, please give me a call or make contact via email.

Sports Injuries in Reading

All of my treatments are based on natural techniques, avoiding harsh painkillers and invasive procedures. My effective and supportive techniques are carried out in calm and comfortable surroundings. Whatever your problem, from neck and shoulder pain to back pain, give me a call and find out how the EMMETT Technique and NST Bowen Therapy in Reading can help.

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Call me today on the number above or email me using the form on my 'Contact Me' page and I will talk you about how my skills can help you. With my vast experience, I could assist you with a unique pain relief solution in Reading.